Steampunk Madness

Master’s project is nearly done! For you interested types, I’ve spent the last few months working on a project for my degree. As a day job I work in nonprofits – as soon as i can reveal what I’ve been up to, I’ll be sure to. In the meantime, let’s dust off our steampunk goggles and get back to work.

Bicycle Driven Steampunk Racer:

Holy Tesla! Bicycle driven steampunk racer!

These little guys are made from paper:

Paper Steampunk Dudes

iRetrofone Steampunk Dock
By The Nag
By The Nag in Design, Gadgets, Hacks & Mods on Sep 15, 2010 at 5:25 pm. This steampunkiphone dock, designed by artist Scott Freeland, is fully functional and has the retro look I love. It is hand-sculpted and hand-cast in urethane 
Neatorama –

And finally…

Steampunk … Batman?

bob_basset: BJ SteamPunk Leather Mask
By bob_basset
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Steampunk Links for May the 4th (be with you!)

Links for may the 4th:

  • Intellectual Steampunk Forum @ The great steampunk debate. Your ideas will be converted into their original gray matter and chewed upon.
  • Interview with James P. Blaylock: wherin the steampunk baby-daddy reveals to us that being in the right place at the right time can give you grandfathership of just about anything…
  • Steampunk House (via superpunch): this will be my house in the future … except in the future I will have time travel and it will be my house in the now. Except, my time travel doomy-device will not let me touch my future self so I can only blog about it rather than move in and crash the party. Soon, my futurepast-mates, soon…
  • And finally: this. More steampunk laptop pictures (JUST IN CASE YOU MISSED IT THE 700 OTHER TIMES ITS BEEN POSTED ON THE WUB).

Steampunk Harley Davidson

Hells yeah!

Steampunk Harley! Not since Mad Max have intrepid humans dared show us the awesome power of brass and petrol.

Called the “Barro” this machine is what happens when minds and metal meet.

Its chassis created from a  Steampunk skeleton-eske rather than a typical biker frame gives it an haunting but majestic appearance. It also features a T-Sable Spring engine and a Harley-Davidson transmission.

[New Launches]

We say found it on slippery-brick.

Steampunk Wedding Cake…

Okay, since I posted about weddings the other day, I just thought I’d follow up by posting this awesome steampunk wedding cake done by Mike’s Amazing Cakes in Seattle.


Delicious geary gears of nom-nommy union….