Think about this. SERIOUSLY think about this. 


For space travel.

That’s right. The little buggers have to be good for something, ya? Imagine how easy it would be to sidestep all the costs of building an advanced rover that takes billions of dollars of funding just to get it to step over a pebble. Why go through the hassle when you can just strap a camera on its back, shoot it to mars, and let it roam?

What about injury, flesh decay, and the like?

Well, send tons. Drown the planet in them, you’re bound to get some good info. 

Imagine if we sent millions of these buggers and just launched them into space in all directions, like a satellite. Assuming they could somehow survive re-entry, they would remain in a frozen state until they found a planet to land on. Zombies may be the most efficient means of space explorations we could have.  

And really, its an arms race if you think about it. If it works for us, then it would work for other planets and aliens too. So, we better get to shooting our space zombies out to THEM, before we wake up one morning just to know that the zombie apocalypse occurred when things came from space.

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  1. doppelganger says:

    It’s lovely, but think about the number of undead required. That would be a serious drain on the planet’s biomass. Furthermore, Zombies have no means of inter-planitary or inter-solar propulsion, and so would require all their momentum to come from initial thrust, which is more than a little impractical, as zombies are not as durable as modern probes, and thus would have dificulties dealing the the g-forces (A.K.A. the boosters used would punch through them). Lastly, without truly absurd numbers of undead, the odds of finding anything would be tiny, and the job of monotoring the billions (trillions?) of zombie-cams would be so huge and monotonous that crucial data would doubtlessly be missed.
    All in all without suficient technology to rase billions of humans for the slauter, (and assossiated ethical issues) propel them into space and to their targets without crippeling them, and monoter the whole lot for an arbitrary amout of time, the project would fail.

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