Mercury arc valve rectifier

Okay so if the title isn’t enough to make you click on the link below then the idea that Tesla-inspired protomagick is still being used in some places today should.
And on another note the most interesting argument for a full transition into steampunk society that i can muster: Current industry is based on QUANTITY. It’s made to cheap. All the infrastructure, social conditioning, and info¬†warfare¬†are there to make inexpensive and wasteful things … and these little disposable scraps of goo are all you get to inherit.
But a steampunk world is based on QUALITY. Things aren’t made to distribute, they are made to OWN. They are each, in their uniqueness and craft, a hefty devil of a thing, something that tempts you to empower yourself.
I expect all of you to invest in my company first thing tomorrow.

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