Five tips for oriental duelists

Love oriental style combat? Looking to up your game? These instructions and videos give some quick tips for become a top gun fighter.

*remember folks: different rules apply to from actual sword fighthing and foam sword fighting, like no head strikes, no machine gunning, etc. Please refer to and follow the rules of play as outlined in the Hallow’s Edge main book concerning safety and combat.

For you fleurbs out there who want to perfect your combat arts, check out these helpful links for sword fighting:

1) How to win a swordfight – wikihow

This is for actual sword fighting, but a lot the advice is sound. Mind you, we are the first people to say that sword fighting, and foam sword fighting are two *very* different things, but nonetheless this is good advice.

2) Sword Styles by Master Jerry Cook – youtube

Visually Stunning, this demonstration shows four different sword styles and one mock combat.

3) Shaolin Sword vs. Saber – youtube

Grand Master Wong Kiew Kit demonstrates how a standard-length weapon can be used to control an opponent, as well as deliver stunning forearm strikes.

4) Aikido Sword Fighting Tutorials – youtube

If it must be repeated: no head strikes in foam sword fighting. There, I’ve said it. Not only is does this instructor have beautiful form, you can get some good info on defensive fighting techniques.

5) The Ultimate Technique – youtube

And last but not least, never … ever, take your eyes off your opponent.

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  1. Xerras says:

    Here is that site that I was telling you about that you might find interesting/useful.
    *Any praise for finding this site must be directed to Peter Meyer Reimer

  2. admin says:

    Awesome, thanks!

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