Setting up the shop!

Hey all!

Getting set up here at Hallow’s Edge. Working on: Site Skeleton, Graphics, Twitter, Etsy, Postings, Pages. Almost there!


Tired of the usual?

Hallow's Edge: PorterWe love the other boffer games, really.

But hours of setup time, heavy handed politics, contracts and copora,  and arbitrary restrictions on costuming and play left us wondering: is it possible to make a family-friendly larp that is fast, easy, and fun?

After years of work, we are happy to announce HALLOW’S EDGE.

  • Hallow’s Edge is FAST. Gets right into the action with its mission-based style of play.
  • Hallow’s Edge is EASY. The rules are simplified, standardized, and easy for the whole family to get involved.
  • Hallow’s Edge is FUN. Far less restrictive rules with a great mix of combat and roleplay.

We made this because we wanted the best of both worlds, and because we wanted to be able to play with our families. Hope you enjoy!

HALLOW’S EDGE is developed by Jedediah Walls.