Steampunk Zombie Combat

DOWNLOAD HERE: 250 years after a zombie apocalypse, the survivors of Rica are coming out of hiding to wage almighty steampunk vengeance. Click the link to download:

Hallow’s Edge 1.03 (zip file).

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Steampunk Madness

Master’s project is nearly done! For you interested types, I’ve spent the last few months working on a project for my degree. As a day job I work in nonprofits – as soon as i can reveal what I’ve been up to, I’ll be sure to. In the meantime, let’s dust off our steampunk goggles and get back to work.

Bicycle Driven Steampunk Racer:

Holy Tesla! Bicycle driven steampunk racer!

These little guys are made from paper:

Paper Steampunk Dudes

iRetrofone Steampunk Dock
By The Nag
By The Nag in Design, Gadgets, Hacks & Mods on Sep 15, 2010 at 5:25 pm. This steampunkiphone dock, designed by artist Scott Freeland, is fully functional and has the retro look I love. It is hand-sculpted and hand-cast in urethane 
Neatorama –

And finally…

Steampunk … Batman?

bob_basset: BJ SteamPunk Leather Mask
By bob_basset
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Think about this. SERIOUSLY think about this. 


For space travel.

That’s right. The little buggers have to be good for something, ya? Imagine how easy it would be to sidestep all the costs of building an advanced rover that takes billions of dollars of funding just to get it to step over a pebble. Why go through the hassle when you can just strap a camera on its back, shoot it to mars, and let it roam?

What about injury, flesh decay, and the like?

Well, send tons. Drown the planet in them, you’re bound to get some good info. 

Imagine if we sent millions of these buggers and just launched them into space in all directions, like a satellite. Assuming they could somehow survive re-entry, they would remain in a frozen state until they found a planet to land on. Zombies may be the most efficient means of space explorations we could have.  

And really, its an arms race if you think about it. If it works for us, then it would work for other planets and aliens too. So, we better get to shooting our space zombies out to THEM, before we wake up one morning just to know that the zombie apocalypse occurred when things came from space.

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Alter-Eco Steampunk

RIP Frank Frazzetta

Frank Frazetta passed away today. A piece of story just died. 

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Mercury arc valve rectifier

Okay so if the title isn’t enough to make you click on the link below then the idea that Tesla-inspired protomagick is still being used in some places today should.
And on another note the most interesting argument for a full transition into steampunk society that i can muster: Current industry is based on QUANTITY. It’s made to cheap. All the infrastructure, social conditioning, and info warfare are there to make inexpensive and wasteful things … and these little disposable scraps of goo are all you get to inherit.
But a steampunk world is based on QUALITY. Things aren’t made to distribute, they are made to OWN. They are each, in their uniqueness and craft, a hefty devil of a thing, something that tempts you to empower yourself.
I expect all of you to invest in my company first thing tomorrow.

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Steampunk Links for May the 4th (be with you!)

Links for may the 4th:

  • Intellectual Steampunk Forum @ The great steampunk debate. Your ideas will be converted into their original gray matter and chewed upon.
  • Interview with James P. Blaylock: wherin the steampunk baby-daddy reveals to us that being in the right place at the right time can give you grandfathership of just about anything…
  • Steampunk House (via superpunch): this will be my house in the future … except in the future I will have time travel and it will be my house in the now. Except, my time travel doomy-device will not let me touch my future self so I can only blog about it rather than move in and crash the party. Soon, my futurepast-mates, soon…
  • And finally: this. More steampunk laptop pictures (JUST IN CASE YOU MISSED IT THE 700 OTHER TIMES ITS BEEN POSTED ON THE WUB).

This is

Intergram restored to full power.

steampunk by KarenMarleneLarsen.

@ Karen Marlene Larsen.


…and now I shall reign hot smarmy death upon your doomed little souls…

computers slagged

Hey guys,

Looks like my computer has been eaten by cthulu.Its going to take another day or two for me to sort this out.  Thanks for your patience. In the meantime, PM me on the forums.