NANOPUNK: Severn Cullis Suzuki said it best. Though we are seeing a revolution in access, to culture, to information, to exploration – we are seeing a massive decline in the diversity of the world.

But despite that a few us are set to enjoy the next renaissance. Do join us for some tea.
Hallow’s Edge, a game of Steampunk Zombie Combat, is attempting to do the impossible: offer a traditionally expensive RPG game for FREE, and yet still make a living.
We’re out to change things in the RPG land. To do this, we only have our brains, some charm, and a lot of help from our friends. We’ve broken rules and we’ve bent like a reed in the wind. We want to embrace what 2010 means for RPG, and we are honored that you would join us.
Our game is open source and free, an interesting union of table play, larp, and web development.